Client Customization

We at Sunrise Steel Solutions appreciate the diverse nature and variable schedules associated with the construction industry. With this in mind we have found a practical approach to providing our clients with tooling and service.

We have found that with field heat treating and bolting services, the most practical approach is to have educated, trade certified individuals or your own staff who can perform the basic functions required to safely and successfully achieve the desired end result.

By capitalizing on current staff members to perform these tasks many benefits can be realized.

  • Current staff can work on an “as required” basis
  • Current staff requires no extra safety training and would be familiar with the inner workings of your facility
  • Current staff ensures that the contractor can capitalize on every applicable labour hour
  • Current staff can become an asset to a production, fabrication facility

We are prepared to provide our clients with the training, tooling, supervision and consumables required to complete any particular project.

Many of our cost saving suggestions include:

  • Competitive Equipment Rentals with training and documentation
  • Continued assistance with Engineering and details
  • Custom Furnace Facilities are a must for piping and vessel contractors
  • Assistance at the bidding stage to ensure proper allotments for heating and bolting.

Quality Control

Sunrise Steel Solutions assist our clients with completing the required quality documentation for all Thermal and Mechanical Processes.

The packages we provide can be customized to suit all particular TSSA and Client requirements. The typical packages include required documentation such as; time vs. temperature strip chart, applicable calibration certificates, isometric tracking, hardness testing documentation, flange tracking data, ultrasonic measurement confirmations and any other pertinent documents associated with a given project.

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